B.S. Abdur Rahman University,
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Chennai -600048.
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Vision & Mission

                                                        CRESCENT SCHOOL OF LAW 


The Vision of Crescent School of Law is to produce promising and credible Law Graduates with potential knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of contemporary times. The present world that is global, competitive, and complex and the ‘issues’ that are the confronting was also on the same span. Hence, the Crescent School of Law contemplates to train young minds with strong fundamentals, sound legal knowledge and skill-set to deal, answer and fight for just and legal causes.

The vision of Crescent School of Law is to produce competent law graduates who can be instrumental in delivering goods as Advocates, Judicial Officers, Legal Advisors and Law Officers/Executives not only in legal arena but in Corporate and Business world as well.

 Crescent School of Law espouses the cause of translating the Constitutional values into a reality. It cherishes a just and equitable society where every individual has a place to survive and flourish. Hence, for Crescent, Law is more of social engineering.


  • To train the students a competent legal/corporate professionals with all necessary in-puts with a holistic approach.
  • To provide excellent academic ambience where the students can learn and excel.
  • To equip the students to meet the challenges of profession by exposing them to contemporary issues through discussions, debates and  by organizing work-shops, seminars and moot-courts etc.
  • To encourage a spirit of enquiry, research inquisitiveness with interdisciplinary approach to find solutions to the legal/social issues.