B.S. Abdur Rahman University,
Seethakathi Estate,
Chennai -600048.
Phone :+91-44-22751347,48,50,75

Thrust Areas

Innovative Projects Identified for Implementation

  • Automated system to check waxing in fruits       
  •  Intelligent traffic system to support ambulance service
  •  Smart Communication between vehicles
  • Online monitoring of passing vehicles through National Highways 
  • Simple mobile app to monitor health care 
  • Pathankot -Detection of Intruder in Army camps 
  • Anaemia detection using imaging techniques
  • Tool development for detecting diabetes from the tongue and foot images
  • Low cost wheel chair for disabled
  • Artificial arm actuation for paralytic patients 
  • Coin counting in Temple
  • Automated  Guided Vehicle ‘’CRESSCARRIER”​