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Students Sexual Harassment Grievance Cell(SSHGC)



Students’ Sexual Harassment Grievance Cell is functioning in our Institute in the first floor of Physical Education Department. Dr.S.Kutti Rani is the coordinator for Sexual Harassment committee. The motto of the cell is to deal with issues of gender based violence and harassment with a view to eliminate the cultures of impunity and to develop the culture of silence and complicity. The cell will provide on-going management advice and supervision to the students. Students (girls) facing any Sexual Harassment issues may contact the coordinator in person or drop a letter in the Sexual Harassment Grievance Box elaborating your issues or submit the details of your issues online through our Institute website or email your issues to sexualharassment_redressal@bsauniv.ac.in.Your issues regarding Sexual Harassment will be redressed as earlier as possible based on the nature of the issue.

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Dr.S.Kutti Rani