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Among deemed Universities,B S Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology (formerly known as Crescent Engineering College), Vandalur, Chennai hosts one of the few broad "Life Sciences School" in the country, providing students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to learn and perform research in a highly integrative and interactive setting. Our newly established Crescent School of Life Sciences & Technology hosts over 12 active faculty research laboratories studying areas spanning biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, and genetics etc.

CSLST is dedicated to achieving excellence in graduate training and undergraduate learning. Undergraduates benefit from having these world experts present the topics of their research passions in the classroom, exposing them to both the fundamental principles and the latest advancements or breakthroughs in biotechnology. Our undergraduate curriculum provides a rigorous introduction to biotechnology and other allied biosciences for students from many programs.

Graduate students pursue both M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees enrolled either by individually or by our integrated program. Our upper level curriculum offers advanced training and specialization through course work and formative research experiences. PhD students join research teams either through our own extremely flexible graduate program in Biosciences or through a diverse array of interdisciplinary programs, such as those spanning the B S Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology(BSACIST) like Polymer Technology. The school interacts heavily among the diverse disciplines represented within it, with other BSACIST schools, and with programs at the many other partnership universities having MoU with BSACIST. Besides the above, we are also offering many short term diploma courses pertaining to life sciences, corporate hospitals and industry.
Our prospective students admitted in the school will have an opportunity to interact with our overseas trained faculty members on cutting-edge research to further our understanding of the natural world and seek answers in fields across all of biology, from molecular and cell to animal, plant and other allied areas.