B.S. Abdur Rahman University,
Seethakathi Estate,
Chennai -600048.
Phone :+91-44-22751347,48,50,75


Supervisor details
Name of the Supervisor No. of Research Scholars Pursuing in our university
Dr. P.S. Syed Masood Jamali


List of Faculty Members pursuing Ph.D. in other universities
Faculty Name University
Research Topic
Mr. Abdul Hai University of Madras
Human Values in Deewan al Hamasah by Abu Thammam al Thayi Thesis submitted in April 2017
Mr.Abdus Samad University of Madras
Literary Prose in the  Holy Quran Completed Ph.D. in April 2017


List of Research Scholars pursuing Ph.D. in this school in B.S Abdur Rahman Crescent University


Name of  ResearchScholar

Research Topic

Guide / Supervisor
 1 Mr. S.A. Usman Ali Full Time A Concept of Plural Society in Quran and Sunnah
Dr. P.S.Syed Masood
 2 Mr. M. Ahamedullah Part Time Zakath – Collection and Distribution
Dr. P.S.Syed Masood 
 3 Mr. S. Mohammed Ashraf  Full Time Advancement of Arabic Teaching and Learning Process for Non-Arabs – A Critical Review Dr. P.S.Syed Masood 
 4 Mr. Mushtak Ahamed S Full Time Employment Opportunities for Arabic Translators in the Medical Sector in India: An Analytical Study Dr. P.S.Syed Masood 
 5 Mr. Jamaluddin A Part Time

A Study on Shareeah Objectives pertaining to the Solution of Modern Social Issues in the Light of Quran  and Hadeeth 

Dr. P.S.Syed Masood 
 6 Mr. Ali Ibrahim A M Part Time

Leadership and Motivation in Islamic Perspective: An Analystical Study

Dr. P.S.Syed Masood 
 7 Mr. Mohamed Abdus Salam Part Time

A Critical Study on Arabic and Islamic Terminologies in the Encylopedia Britannica 

Dr. P.S.Syed Masood 
 8 Mrs. Mayeser Miran Peerzada Full Time Similarities between Islam and Christianity with particular focus on the teachings of the scriptures Dr. P.S.Syed Masood 
 9 Ms. Mahadab Banu Full Time Quranic Exegesis: The Classical and Contemporary Approach Dr. Khalid Waheed
 10 Mr. MSM Jalaldeen Part Time Critical study of Islamic revivalist movements in Srilanka Dr. Khalid Waheed

List of Research Scholars completed M.Phil Programme


Name of Research Scholar
Type Research Topic
    1 Mr. Mohamed Ilyas
Full Time
Behaviour Study in Sunnah
Dr. P.S.Syed Masood
    2 Mr.M. Hussain Ahmed Part Time Teaching Methodology of the Prophet
Dr. P.S.Syed Masood


Overall Details of our Research Scholars

Programme Full Time    Part Time BSAU JRF UGC JRF Completed Pursuing
M.Phil 1 1 - - 2(2013) -
Ph.D 3 5 1 1 --- 10


Publication of Journal

The school published its first research journal “Al-Bukhari Journal of Arabic and Islamic Thoughts” in February 2015.


Extension Activities
  • Arabic translation service is provided to public
  • Faculty members involved in preparing school text books in Arabic for “SAMACHEER” system of state board of Tamilnadu.
  • Faculty members involved in text book writing and study material preparation in Arabic for Afzalul Ulama, MS University, Tirunelveli.
  • Quran Courses conducted by students of Islamic Studies for Crescent School students.
  • Organizing periodical lectures/ Seminars on moral and ethics for girls students of our University.