B.S. Abdur Rahman University,
Seethakathi Estate,
Chennai -600048.
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Major Research Facilities


Civil Engineering Department


  • Beam Load Frame of 100t capacity for testing beams up to 3m span.
  • Column Load Frame of 100 t capacity for testing columns up to 2m height with provisions for axial and lateral loadings.
  • Special microprocessor controlled U.T.M. of 100t capacity
  • Facilities for accelerated corrosion test and Macrocell corrosion studies.
  • Facilities for conducting bond strength tests on rebars in RCC members.
  • Testing facilities for Self Compacting Concerete & other concrete mixes.
  • Advanced Tri-axial shear strength test equipment with pore pressure measuring unit
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Finite Element Software FEFLOW & MODFLOW for Groundwater Contamination/Flow modeling
  • Finite Element Packages for modeling, analysis and design of structural systems such as ANSYS/NISA/MATLAN|B/CADPRO/STADDPRO/COSMOS-M
  • Project Management package PRIMAVERA
  • ArcGIS 9.3. Software tool to compile, author, analyze, map and publish geographic information and knowledge which includes Arc View, Arc Editor and ArcInfo.
  • Total station & GPS
  • Field testing of soil for sub grade modulus, shear strength etc.
  • Prestressing Bed
  • Materials testing facilities for hardness, toughness, abrasion, attrition, fineness etc.


Mechanical Engineering Department

  • CNC Turning Center and Vertical Machining Center for machining experiments
  • CAM softwares including Master Cam
  • Vibration sensor, Acoustic Emission sensor and vibration shaker
  • High speed digital storage oscilloscope with GPIB interface for data acquisition
  • Versamax PLC for automation with necessary software
  • Load cells & strain gauge indicators
  • Pin on disc set up, salt spray apparatus and semi micro balance for wear and corrosion testing
  • Image analyzer with CCD camera for microstructure analysis
  • Tool makers microscope and Coordinate measuring machine
  • Surface roughness tester
  • Vision system with camera, hardware and software
  • Data Acquisition System and Exhaust Gas Analyzer for engine testing 
  • Modelling and simulation packages for CAD including Cosmos, Ansys, Quest, Catia, I-Deas, Hypermesh, Fluent, Altier Hyper Works with L.S. Dyna, MSC Adams, Radioss, etc.
  • High end Sunultra workstations (10 nos) and Sinfire X4200 server for CAD applications

Electrical and Electronics Engineering


  • Power System Transient Studies - Over Voltage, Harmonics
  • Power System Design - Substation, Grounding, Insulation Co-ordinations.
  • Power Quality – Harmonic Mitigation.
  • Power Evacuation Studies for Large Capacity Power Plants
  • Optimal location and sizing of capacitor banks in EHV grids and Distribution systems for loss minimization. • Reactive power compensation studies for grid connected wind farms.
  • Stability enhancement in grids for small signal stability and transient stability problems.
  • Optimal provision of ancillary services like Reactive Power Support and Transmission loss in Restructure Power Systems.
  • Voltage stability enhancement in Power Grid using optimal placement of FACTS devices.
  • Harmonic Analyzer
    – upto 100th Harmonic and Toral Harmonic Distortion.
  • Electroporator – Application of High Voltage Pulses for Life Science Research Projects.
  • Characterization and Analysis of Outdoor Polymeric Insulators - Tracing Resistance, Dielectric Strength, Surface and Volume Resistivity, Comparative Tracking Index etc. 
  • Online Performance Characteristics and Analysis of DC and AC Drives
  • Design and Analysis of 3-phase inverter drives.
  • Power Electronics and Drives. - Modeling, Analysis, Simulation and Prototype of Power Electronic Devices, Electrical Machines and Drives.


Electronics and Communication Engineering


  • 500 MHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • Digital Sorage Oscilloscope with builtin printer
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • ISDN, Delta Mod and Demod, Fiber Optic Trainer System
  • Matlab Release 11.1 with various toolbox
  • Agilent Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 100 MHz
  • Fiber Optic Trainer
  • VLSI – Software – MODELSIM
  • Universal FPGA Development Station
  • ADSP 2106 Floating Point SK
  • Mathcad Full range software
  • Antenna Trainer with software
  • Antenna Trainer Base Unit
  • Agilent Microwave Power Meter
  • Agilent Power Sensors
  • VLSI Tanner Tools – 2 User Licence
  • Simutag with Matlab
  • DSO
  • Microwave Integrated Circuit setup
  • 100 MHz CRO
  • IE3D Antenna Simulation Software – 2 User license
  • Matlab Release 14.0 with toolbox
  • Multipurpose lab system (Agilent make)
  • MDSPICE MIC Simulation Software
  • Microwind Transistor Level Spice Modeling Software-VLSI layout Simulator tool
  • Mentor graphics – HEP1 Pack (nano meter design) – license
  • IAR embedded work bench


Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

EIE Department

  • Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Three Tank Interacting Level Process with Closed loop Control Setup
  • Two interacting conical tank Systems setup
  • pH Neutralization setup
  • PLCs, SCADA, Multi function calibrator
  • Combustion control of utility boiler
  • Level, Pressure, Flow, and Temperature Control process
  • Loop simulator for flow, pressure, temperature, viscosity, level process.
  • Cascade control trainer
  • Control valve with and without positioner
  • Intelligent viscous fluid flow process
  • Process simulators

Computer Science, Information Technology and Computer Applications


  • Qualnet
  • Globus
  • Glowsim
  • NS2
  • Websphere
  • Dream Viewer
  • Adobe – Photoshop
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • Developer 2000


Polymer Technology


  • Auto Clave Unit 2 Litres
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
  • FTIR
  • Variable Temperature Photo/Electrical Conductivity Measurement Setup
  • Electronic Balance.
  • Photo Resist Spinner (Spin coating unit)
  • Dielectric Strength Tester
  • Coating formulation unit Ultrasonic cleaner & san mill
  • TGA/DTA instrument
  • Blown film attachment with single screw extruder
  • Hot two roll mill
  • Smoke Density Apparatus
  • Critical Oxygen Index Unit
  • Moldex software




  • Q switched High Energy Nd :YAG (850 mJ)
  • EPM 2000 Dual channel power/Energy meter with sensor heads I and II.
  • OSM2 Series Spectrometer
  • Multipurpose Lab Station (Agilent)
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator (20 MHz)
  • Multi-frequency Ultrosonic Interferometer Research type (1-2MHz)




  • Gas Chromatograph
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Spectrofluorimeter
  • Cyclic voltametry
  • Filament Winding Machine
  • Testing Frame to analyze Flexural Strength
  • Flexural Endurance Tester
  • Electronic Balance
  • Vacuum Oven & Vacuum Pump
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Thermostat 2 Nos.
Polymer Nano Technology Centre

Polymer Nano Technology lab has the following facilities for carrying out research
Polymer Nano Technology Centre – Material Preparation Lab
Polymer Nano Technology Centre – Material Testing Lab
Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer
Simultaneous Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) unit of SEIKO model TG/DTA 6200.Used to measure high temperature transistions and decomposition peak values. Samples like powder, film, liquids, and composites material scan be tested using TGA.
Conductivity meter

Vacuum oven

Ultra Cryostat circulator is used to carry out reactions at lower temperatures upto -32?C.
Electrospinning Unit (ESPIN) unit is used to produce fibres at nano level from polymer solutions.
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) – DMS 6100 is used to determine mechanical properties of specimen. Thin films, FRP, Elastomers, brittle solids, fibre can be tested using DMA.
XRD (Bruker- D8 Focus) is used to determine Crystallinity, Crystallite size & microstrain