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Facilities of the Centre

Polymer Nano Technology lab has the following facilities for carrying out research
Polymer Nano technology Centre – Furnace Lab Details

High Temperature Inert Atmospheric Tubular Furnace – works under inert atmosphere. Its Max Temp is 1400oC with Micro Processor based PID Temperature controller

Laboratory Hot Press – works under inert atmosphere Comprising of Hydraulic Press. Max Temp 800oC with Micro Processor based PID Temperature controller
Polymer Nano technology Centre – Material Preparation Lab
Polymer Nano technology Centre – Material Testing Lab
Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer
Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) unit of SEIKO model TG/DTA 6200. Used to measure high temperature transistions and decomposition peak values. Samples like powder, film, liquids, and composites material scan be tested using TGA.
Conductivity meter

Vacuum oven

Ultra Cryostat circulator is used to carry out reactions at lower temperatures upto -320C.
Electrospinning Unit (ESPIN) unit is used to produce fibres at nano level from polymer solutions.
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) – DMS 6100 is used to determine mechanical properties of specimen. Thin films, FRP, Elastomers, brittle solids, fibre can be tested using DMA.
XRD (Bruker- D8 Focus) is used to determine Crystallinity, Crystallite size & microstrain
Universal Tensile Tester – Lab Model
This is to determine the Tensile, compressive and flexural properties of Polymer Samples, Polymer Films
Optical Microscope – Carl Zeiss
Trinocular Polarizing Microscope with camera is used to magnify the objects. Measures upto 1 micrometer
Hot Air Oven - 400oC
Thermoscientific Evolution 201 UV Visible Spectrophotometer is used to determine absorbance, transmittance intensity of liquid samples and thin films.