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Philosophy of School

Philosophy of the School


Architectural Education in order to play a vital role in the socio – Economic progress of the country takes into consideration individual and the relationship to the society, its aims, expectations and aspirations. Simultaneously a consideration on Energy and Environment is to be given importance. The curriculum structure focuses on the relationship between the courses, their objectives, and their emphasis. Understanding of the individual and society, and interpretation in the form of architectural skills, thereby contributing to a sustainable and qualitative living in our built environment is the main aim.


Context of the Programme


In today’s context significant upsurge of developments that happened in the recent years in the fields of science and technology, transport and communication and information dissemination necessitates evolving a curriculum that addresses the issues as portrayed here. Firstly the optimal use of natural resources towards sustainability. Secondly the concept of appropriate technology and its relevance in a developing economy. Thirdly the relevance of sophisticated high technology in the globalizing built environment. Fourthly the issue of juxtaposition of Indian historic and value systems and the emerging global culture. Lastly the present materialistic society has to appreciate human values and the need for an architectural professional as a facilitator through suitable interventions in the built environment.


Programme Objectives


Recognising the vision statement of the university and the contextual issues listed, the curriculum objectives are,
  • Ensuring architecture for the country taking off from its historicity and making it appropriate for modern day transformations.
  •  Ensuring a process of technological expression that integrates energy efficient materials with technique of application.
  • Ensuring an environmental balance that is brought out by an understanding of Man – made and natural systems considering the physical, social and economic spheres.
  • Evolving a professional capable of vision, innovation and competence keeping in view the human value system.