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Programme Educational Objectives

  • To demonstrate broad knowledge of descriptive Chemistry.

  • To impart the basic analytical and technical skills to work effectively in the various fields of chemistry.

  • To motivate critical thinking and analytical skills to solve complex chemical problems, e.g., analysis of data, interpretation of spectra, prediction of chemical structure, team-based problem solving, etc.

  • To demonstrate an ability to conduct experiments in the above sub-disciplines with mastery of appropriate techniques and proficiency using core chemical instrumentation and modeling methods.

  • To perform accurate quantitative measurements with an understanding of the theory and use of contemporary chemical instrumentation, interpret experimental results, perform calculations on these results and draw reasonable, accurate conclusions.

  • To develop skills in quantitative modeling of static and dynamic chemical systems.

  • To develop laboratory competence in relating chemical structure to spectroscopic phenomena.

  • To synthesize, separate and characterize compounds using published reactions, protocols, standard laboratory equipment, and modern instrumentation.

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme, the students will be able to

  • think critically and analyze chemical problems.

  • present scientific and technical information resulting from laboratory experiments in both written and oral formats.

  • work effectively and safely in a laboratory environment.

  • use technologies/instrumentation to collect and analyze data.

  • work in teams as well as independently.

  • apply modern methods of analysis to chemical systems in a laboratory setting