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"The TownHall Talk"
Published on May 19, 2017

Prof.Sahol Hamid , Vice Chancellor - Interacted with students on 15-5-2017

 The Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Prof. Ir. Dr. Sahol Hamid Bin Abubakar started his first of the “Town Hall Talk” series with select  students of the university from all the branches. This programme is initiated by him to get closer to the students, in order to listen to their problems and to find suitable solutions. In his introductory speech, he told the students that he wanted to stay closer to the students.He told them to be honest and straight forward in what they say. The problems will be listened to and necessary actions will be taken. Rational decisions and not emotional decisions will be taken at any time.

 This initiative is taken to make our University better. The discussions need not be about problems and complaints; it could be suggestions to enhance the value of the University. The brand “Crescent University” carries its own value. Whatever we do is for the benefit of Crescent. These discussions should lead to a better atmosphere in the University, which in turn would make the students to excel in studies.

 The Vice Chancellor also instructed the students to be properly groomed. They should wear shoes and be neatly dressed. They should respect the teachers. They should come to class on time. If they come late, they will not be allowed inside the class. Teachers may scold the students to guide them in the right path. But they are not supposed to use abusive language. If students are ill-treated, they can meet VC and talk or can send email to vc.connect@bsauniv.ac.in.