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Chennai -600048.
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Name : Dr.D Easwara moorthy
Designation : Professor & ISTD Co-ordinator
Qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D.,
Office Number : 044-22751347
E-Mail : easwar@bsauniv.ac.in


  1. CRESTECH National technical symposium for the following departments was conducted on 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th October 2013.The following departments were participated
  • CSE, EIE, AUTO                     01.10.2013
  • MECH, EEE, AERO                   03.10.2013
  • ECE, IT, POLY TECH                05.10.2013
  • CIVIL, CA                                 07.10.2013  

2000 students from 100 different colleges had participated in the technical events like paper presentation, quiz competition, web designing, etc,...

    2.Audition for “Fresh Face 2013” Organized by Times of India was conducted on 13th August 2013.

    3.Literary Day 13 our University literary fest was conducted by Literary Club of our University on 4th September 2013. Around 300 students participated in various events. The following events were conducted on “LITERARY DAY 13”

  • Jam 
  • Dumb-C 
  • Scriddles 
  • Ship Wreck 
  • Quiz 
  • Block and Tackle 
  • Script Writing 
  • Caption it 
  • Poem Writing 
  • Stress Interview 
  • Elevator Pitching
During the Inauguration of “LITERARY DAY ’13”
Pro Vice Chancellor Address the Gathering during the Inauguration of Literary day ’13
During the event “BLOCK AND TACKLE”
During the event “SHIPWRECK”
Participants of Literary Day ’13
ISTD Team & Event Coordinators during the Literary Day ’13
4. Litrapture 13/14 - Chennai's official literary fest was conducted by Literary Club of our University on 7th January.
The winners of Literary Day event had competed with the other college Students in Litrapture 13/14. 
The following events were conducted on “LITRAPTURE 13”
  • Jam
  • Dumb-C
  • Scriddles
  • Ad zap
  • Ship Wreck
  • Quiz
  • Block and Tackle
  • Script Writing
  • Caption it
  • Poem Writing
  • Stress Interview
  • Elevator Pitching
During the event “BLOCK AND TACKLE”
During the event “SHIPWRECK”
During the event “JAM”
Prize Distribution by the Event Organizer during “LITRAPTURE ’13”
Vote of Thanks by our ISTD Coordinator during “LITRAPTURE ’13”
ISTD Team & Event Coordinators during the “LITRAPTURE ’13”
5.CRESHUNT 14 – Talent Hunt Programme of our University was conducted on 15th February 2014. This cultural event gives us a platform for showcasing the talents of our students, based on their leadership and organizational skills.

The following events were conducted on “CRES HUNT 14”

  • Solo Dance
  • Solo Singing
  • Solo Instruments
  • Acting
  • Fashion
  • Caption It
  • Short Film
  • Oration
  • Writing (Poem & Essay)
  • Art
6.ORION 2K14 - the Intra college cultural fest was conducted on 21st and 22nd March 2014.
 The following events were conducted on “ORION 2K14”

Literary Events

  • Shipwreck
  • Jam
  • Dumb-C
  • Mock Interview
  • Campus Reporter
  • Entertainment Quiz

Media Events

  • Short Film
  • Script Writing
  • Photography

Music & Dance Events

  • Solo Dance
  • Duo Dance
  • Group Dance
  • Solo Singing
  • Solo Instruments


  • Counter Strike
  • Fifa
  • Need For Speed

Informal Events

  • Face Painting
  • Hair Styling
  • Rangoli
  • Mehandi
  • Poster Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Cartoon Sketching


  •  Ad zap
  • Talent Show
  • Fashion Show
  • Variety Show
BSAU-Performers Rocks the stage
Crescent Music Band “Forte” Getting High with its Performance
Crescent Dance Pro Team, The Cres Crew (C Square) Taps on its Knees
Final Year Girls Scintillating with their Bashing Dance Moves
Crescent Pro Fashion Team Showing their Attitude engraved with Style
Participants during the Group Dance Event
Participants during the event Variety show
Hilarious and Humorous, Pro Variety Show by Crescent Team Dramatix
Director Jayam Raja Encouraging our Short Film Makers with His Motivational Words
Actor Daniel (Sumar Moonji Kumaru) Getting his Memento from Our ISTD-C Coordinator
“INAM” Movie, Music Director Mr. Vishal Chandrashekar Getting Memento from our ISTD-C Coordinator

Activities During the year 2011 - 2012

  • CRESTECH 2011, a National level technical symposium was organized on 27.09.11, 29-09- 11, 30-09-11 and 01-10-11 by 9 Engineering departments. The societies of the various Engineering departments conducted events viz technical paper presentation, technical quizzes, design contests, robotics, debugging contests etc., for the participants students from other colleges.
  • Intra college event Literary Day which is a unique venture of ISTD was conducted on 25th August 2011and 60 participants participated. The events organized include such as JAM, Block and tackle, creative writing, shipwreck which were a huge hit and instilled in student's mind that literary can be fun too.
  • Inter college event Literapture ’11 (a one day long literary fest aims at ameliorating the literary skills of the interested students by organizing events such as JAM, Mock Interview, Dumb-C, e-quiz and much more) was conducted on 15th September 2011. Where in students from various college in city and suburban participated.
  • Our students participated in the NOKIA GIZMOLORDS QUIZ, competing against 10 other colleges hosted by Mr.Rajiv Makhani from NDTV held on 9.11.2011 in our university auditorium. Akshath and Bettu of second year Mechanical Engineering students performed outstandingly and won prize, NOKIA LUMINA 800 mobile each as the prize.
  • A group of 8 students from our university took part in the debate show “Peridhinum peridhu kel” in Star Vijay TV held on 26th November and C.Praveena Reddy got the STAR SPEAKER award .
  • Inter college event Literapture ’11 - a one day long literary fest which aims at ameliorating the literary skills of the students was conducted on 15th September 2011 which saw a massive response and participants from all our Chennai poured into B.S.Abdur Rahman University.
  • Short film team headed by Media Head Ejazith – got the first in CMC college and it was also nominated for the international short film competition.
  • Fashion team of our University won 1st place in MMC and they bagged prizes worth 1 Lakh in December 2011 . They also won 3rd place in CMC.
  • Our University Dumb c team won - first prize in CMC and 3rd prize at MMC in December 2011.
  • Two day Cultural Festival ORION was conducted on 9th and 10th March 2012.
  • Literary day was conducted on 30.08.12 for First year students comprising 200 participated and exhibited their talents in events like JAM, Ship wreck, Stress interview, Dumb-C, Quiz Block or Tackle, Short film, Creative writing
  • Litrapture 2012, an inter college literary programme was conducted on 18.09.12. 350 participants from 60 colleges participated. Students exhibited their talents in the events like Events JAM, stress interview, Dumb-C, Quiz Block or Tackle, Short film, Creative writing.
  • Audition for fresh face was held on 4th September 2012 conducted by The Times of India for our university students. 150 students participated
  • Cultural programme was conducted on 14.09.12 in connection with National conference on Elctrochemist organized jointly by CECRI Karaikudi and department of chemistry of our University
  • First year B.Tech Students will be participating in Radio Mirchi programme on 17.11.12
  • The following two clubs have been formed.
    • o Photography club
    • o Art club