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Faculty Training Academy

            Teachers in Engineering and Technology do not undergo a formal teaching methodology unlike the teachers in Schools, where they undergo a formal teacher training programme. Even Polytechnics have procedure of getting their faculty members trained by NITTTRs, whereas in Engineering colleges, people fresh from their colleges are appointed as Faculty members. Such new faculty members should be introduced to the methods of teaching, pedagogy, Student Psychology and approaches of teaching the concepts and fundamentals in Engineering and Technology. There is a large attrition rate in Technical institutions. New members join throughout the year. The developments in technology and skills are continuously happening and new subjects are introduced and curriculum and syllabi are updated in a continuous fashion to cope up with the requirements of the industry and society. In such situations even the existing faculty members in Engineering and Technology should be updated and trained for new subjects and skills.. This necessitates the need for a separate Academy for Faculty Training to train the teachers in a continuous manner.

            The main objective of establishing the Faculty Training Academy is to train our own faculty members in the teaching methodologies who join afresh and to update the knowledge and skills periodically for those who are already here. The Faculty Training Academy was started in June 2010.

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