B.S. Abdur Rahman University,
Seethakathi Estate,
Chennai -600048.
Phone :+91-44-22751347,48,50,75


The objectives of the Centre for Energy Research and Studies (CERS) are


  • To act as a Centre for contribution to the knowledge development in selected areas of energy planning, engineering and management.
  • To take up research and development activities in selected aspects relating to energy extraction, conservation and efficient utilization.
  • To provide inter-disciplinary approach to the solution of problems relating to conventional and non-conventional energy development and utilization.
  • To function as a base for advanced training in energy related areas including renewable energy, conservation and sustainability.
  • To organize short-term training courses, seminars and workshops for the benefit of industry personnel on various aspects of energy.
  • To undertake consultancy studies on problems referred by industries and others on issues relating to energy conservation, efficient use and energy audit
  • To collaborate with other institutions/universities both in India and abroad for undertaking research studies on problems of importance in the areas of energy engineering and management.