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Energy is essential utility for the economic growth of any country. Energy crisis and environmental degradation are the alarming twin concerns world wide. Nearly 70% of the world energy demand is met through fossil based fuels. Despite rapid depletion, fossil fuels pose severe threats to the environment in the form of global warming. This necessitates the need for increased attention on renewable energy sources like solar, wind, hydel, tidal, wave, biomass etc. Active research work on the development and harnessing of energy from renewable sources is going on through out the world. Realizing the need for energy related research activities, and our institution greater emphasis on energy related research, a separate Centre for Energy Research and Studies has been created in our Institution to focus attention on the various aspects of energy research activities.. Already some research activities related to energy is underway by different departments of the institution. This centre focuses attention on consolidating the efforts taken already and further exploring the possibilities of active research on promoting renewable energy.