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  • Ms.P.R.Hemavathy, AP(S.G), Ms.M.P.Nageswari  organized three days hands on training program           on" Labview- Basics and Data Acquisition" from 3-1-2018 to 5-1-2018.

  • Ms.D.Najumnissa Jamal, Prof/EIE Ms.M.S.Murshitha Shajahan, AP(S.G)/EIE, Ms.B.Pushpa, AP/EIE, Mr.N.Sivaramakrishnan, AP/EIE  organized  two Weeks Faculty Training Programme on “Nano Instrumentation Systems And Biomedical Nanotechnology” from 3.11.17 to 16.11.17

  • Ms.D.Najumnissa Jamal, Prof/EIE Ms.M.S.Murshitha Shajahan, Ap(S.G)/EIE, Mr.S.Shahul Hamid, Visiting Faculty/EIEorganized  two days workshop on "Trends in Control & Instrumentation for Power Plant - A Research Perspective" on 27th & 28th Sep 2017.

  •          Ms.P.R.Hemavathy, AP(S.G)/EIE, Ms. M.S.Murshitha Shajahan AP(S.G)/EIE organized One day Workshop  on "Multivariable Process Control"  on  22-09-2017.

  •       A Seminar on  “Safety In Engineering” was organized by EIE department on 23rd August  2017.A Seminar on “Robotics and Automation - Advancements in Robotic Surgery was organized by the department of Electronics and Instrumentation, in co-ordination with IEEE student chapter  on 11th August,  2017 in the EIE Seminar Hall. Dr. M.K.A. Ahamed Khan, Vice Chairman, IEEE – RAS Malaysia Chapter and Associate Professor, University Selangur, Malaysia was the Resource person.

  • Dr.U.Sabura Banu, Prof/EIE & Ms.G.Anitha,AP(SG)/EIE organized a two days training program on  in “Research Oriented Approach on Biomedical Image Processing Using MATLAB” on 11th and 12 th April 2017

  • Ms.P.R.Hemavathy, AP(SG)/ EIE& N.Sivaramakrishnan, AP/EIE organised a one day National level students conference on Innovative trends in instrumentation, Electronics and Automation on 4th April 2017.

  • Dr.U.Sabura Banu, Prof/EIE, Ms.M.P.Nageswari , AP/EIE  organized two days National Winter Training Program on IOT using Raspberry Pi” in association with Cognizance, IIT Roorkee on 31-03-2017 and 01-04-2017.

  •   A training programme on SCADA was conducted for the second year and third year students was organized by Axis Global Automation, Chennai on 10.3.2017

  •   A two days  Hands on training programme  "CONVAL SOFTWARE" CAD Tech consultants Pvt Ltd for benefit of III Year EIE Students   by  Mrs. P. R.Hemavathy, AP (SG) /EIE Dept. on 1st & 2nd March & 2017.  Mr. Rana Gupta and Mr. Arul Manikandan from CADTech consltants Pvt. Ltd. were the resource persons for the training programme.

  • Dr.U.Najumnissa Jamal, Prof/EIE organized a one credit course on “Internet of Things for Automation” from 7th March 2017 to 31st March 2017. The affiliate faculty handling the course is Mr.Rajkumar, Director Technology, Bhairava Research and Technology, Chennai.

Events Conducted  (2016-2017)
  • A seminar on “Gate Awareness Program” was conducted by Mr.Syed Farook from Gate Academy for the benefit of II year EIE students on 2-3-2017.
  • One day workshop was organized on the demonstration of Pressure calibrator, Temperature Calibrator and Multifunction Calibrator for Students and Faculty of the department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering was conducted on 17.2.2017.

  • Dr. U. Sabura Banu  organized  a Seminar on “Industrial Automation” by Technocrat Automation Solution Pvt Ltd., on 14th February 2017.

  • Project Day was conducted on November 23, 2016 for UG student of B.Tech, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.  Students demonstrated the projects done as part of their PBL course/ Mini Project. 

Events Conducted  (2015-2016)
  • Ms.U.Sabura Banu Prof & Head and Ms.M.P Nageswari, AP/EIE organised a National summer Training Program on “ Embedded System and Robotics” organized by EDC , IIT Roorkee in association with EIE dept, BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science &Technologyfrom 18th July to 24th July 2016.
  • A Mobile exhibition is organised for the benefit of Engineering students in our Campus on 2.4.16 M/S. MEASURECON INSTRUMENTS, CHENNAI displayed  their test and measuring Instruments / field Instruments etc.. in their vehicle.
  • Ms.M.S. Mursitha Shajahan, AP(Sr.Gr) , M.P.Nageswari , AP  ,B.Pushpa, AP  Organised a workshop on “Measuring Instruments” on 6th April 2016.
  • Ms..P.R.Hemavathy AP(Sr.Gr) , Mr.M.Yuvarajan, AP Organised a one day “Hands on training in PSPICE and its application to circuit design” on 12.3.16
  • Mr.N.Sivaramakrishnan AP, Ms.B.Pushpa, AP Organised  two days workshop on “Embedded Systems and its application to Instrumentation” on 15.6.16 and 16.3.16. Mr.S.Selvaradji , SS Technologies was the resource person.
  • Mr.P.Murugan, superintending Engineer, M.N.Dasthur and Co Pvt Ltd., delivered a lecture on “Scope of Instrumentation Engineers in Core Industries” on 19.3.16
  • Organised a lecture on “Automation and control for Industrial applications” on 11.3.16. The Resource person was Mr. Mazharuddin Mohamed Shaik,  Engineer, Prolific Automation Pvt Ltd, Chennai.
  • Ms.M.SMursitha Shajahan, AP(Sr.Gr)  organised a Guest lecture on “Power plant instrumentation”  on 16th  Feb     2016. The resource person was Mrs. Ayesha Jamal, Senior Application Engineer, Schneider Electric, Chennai.
  • Organised a lecture on “Industrial Automation” on 23.2.16. The Resource person was Mr. S.Arun Kumar, Engineer, Technocrat Automation Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Events Conducted  (2014-2015)

  • A training program on “Honing Interview Skills” for benefit of III yr EIE students was organized on 19.3.15.  Mrs. D. Mehernissa, HOD / Career development centre, SRM University, Ramapuram Campus, Chennai - 89 was the resource person.

  • Dr. U. Sabura Banu, Professor organised a Technical demonstration on the 3D models of various Industrial Instruments such as Differential Pressure Transmitter, Piezo electric Accelerometer, Strain Gauge Load Cell, Viscometer, Hydraulic load cell  constructed by the II year students on 5th March 2015 in process control Lab, Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. 

  • A workshop on “Patient Monitoring Instruments” was organized for the benefit of the IV year and II year students on 25.2.15. Mr. Sivakumar, Hospitec Medical System was the resource person.

  • A half day workshop was arranged on 7.1.15 on PRODOK Software for the benefit of I year & II year PG students.  Mr. S. Harihara Suthan, Manager, Tech Support, CADTech was the resource persons.

  • A workshop was organised by Dr. U. Sabura Banu, Professor/EIE Department for the II year UG students of EIE department on 25th and 26th February 2015 on 3D google sketch-up for construction of Industrial Instruments.

  • A workshop on “Control Valves” was conducted for non-teaching staff members of EEE, ECE and EIE department on 29.12.2014.  Mr. S. Shahul Hamid, Visiting Professor was the resource person. 

  • A three days hands on training programme on “Pick and Place Robotic Arm” conducted by Mr. Balaji from M/s. AEROBOTIX, Chennai for II year and III year students during 18.9.14 to 20.9.14.  Ms. M.P. Nageswari, AP/EIE and Ms. B.Pushpa, AP/EIE were the co-ordinators.

  • A one day workshop on Basic concepts of Control Systems using Matlab Labview was conducted on 6.9.14 for the benefit of  III year students conducted by Ms. P. Anbumalar, AP/EIE and Ms. M.P. Nageswari, AP/EIE

  • Organized training programme on ‘’Allen Bradly PLC’’ during 3rd week of August 2014. Mr. M.D.Rasool Alumni of EIE department BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science &Technology and Junior Engineer, Invensys Pvt. Ltd. Chennai were the resource person.  

  • Organized a Siemen PLC training on 22.07.14 for final year EIE students. Mr.Mohammed Easa Senior Engineer and Mr.P.Ganesh Engineer from Micromech training Instruments trained the students in Siemens PLC.

Events Conducted (2012 - 2013)
  • One day National seminar on “Application of control and instrumentation in thermal power plant” on 8th October 2013
  • One day National seminar on “Fractional order controller” on 27.8.13 was organized by EIE department & ISA south India section
  • A One day National Conference on “Modelling, Control and Optimization of Processes” was conducted on 2nd April 2013.
  • A Half a day workshop was conducted on Tuning of controllers for Level process was organized on 6.10.12 at the process control lab for all the staff members and M.Tech Students.
  • An Interdepartmental Workshop on “Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation” was jointly conducted by the Department of Electronics & Instrumentation and Department of Electronics & Communication for the benefit of UG students on 20.9.12. Leading Instrumentation and Measurement Companies like Whintek and Elmack India Pvt. Ltd demonstrated various equipments like Spectrum analyser, Wave Analyser, multimeter etc.
  • A one day workshop on “Control valve actuators and their applications” was organized jointly by the Department of Electronics & Instrumentation and ISA south India section Chennai at BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science &Technology on 22.08.2012.
  • A one day collaborative workshop on “Excellence in Academic Performance and Leadership skills” on 6th July 2012 organized jointly by Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Department of Electronics & Instrumentation, BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science &Technology.
Events Conducted(2011 - 2012)


Workshop Organised
  • Two days National workshop on Digital Image Processing using Matlab and Labview on 3/9/13 and 4/9/13  for the benefit of faculties, research scholars, industrial personnels, UG and PG students.
  • A workshop on “Wireless Sensor Network” was organized on 23.07.13
  • A two days workshop on “Measurement and Instrumentation” was organized on 20.9.12 and 24.9.12.
  • A workshop on “Control valves, actuators and their industrial applications” on 22.8.12
  • One day training program on “MATLAB and its Applications” conducted on 29th and 30th of March 2012 for the  benefit of faculty members, scholars and students of BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science &Technology
  • One day training program on “LABVIEW and its Applications” conducted on 26th March 2012 for the benefit of  faculty members, scholars and students of BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science &Technology.
  • One day workshop Intra-departmental colloquium on “Professional Ethics” conducted on 29 February 2012.
  • 2 days ICMR Sponsored workshop on “Application of MATLAB and LABVIEW for Biomedical Applications”    Conducted on 14th &15th December, 2011.
  • 5 days  training program on “DCS OVERVIEW” conducted from 15.11.2011 to 19.11.2011. 
Conferences Organised:
  • A one day National conference was organized on Instrumetnation Systems and Automation on 11th and 12th May, 2007.
  • A one day National Conference on  “Modelling, Control and Optimization of Processes” was held  on  2nd April 2013. Dr.D.Najumnissa Jamal,  Prof/EIE and Dr.U.Sabura Banu Prof/EIE  were the Co-ordinators
Societal and Extension activity of Students  15.3.14

As part of the societal and extension activity of the department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science &Technology,permission was obtained from the Commissioner, Corporation of Chennai in all aspects for voter’s awareness campaign along with cleaning of the marina beach. Thirty five students, five teaching faculty and two supporting faculty members participated in the activity on 15.3.14.  The following activities took place

  • Cleaning of the beach near kannagi statue

  • Voter’s awareness campaign by flash dance and rally.